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Fiona Nunan is an Irish designer born in County Wicklow, the “garden of Ireland”. After travelling the world, working for a number of internationally famous designers and training as a yoga instructor, she returned to Ireland to found FINU, a jewellery brand that combines her lifelong love of nature, the yogic lifestyle, with fine materials sourced from the Earth.

Fiona has said that her background in fashion design, yoga and wellness has heavily influenced her creative vision and that she hopes her customers “find grounding in all that glitters.”

FINU designs have featured in many magazines and TV shows such as House and Country magazine, Style Councillors on RTE and wedding blog One Fab Day.


Find grounding in all that glitters.

FINU designs are quality timeless pieces made to last, pieces to witness the stories we create.  Pieces are either cast in ethically sourced sterling silver, gold and brass which is 24kt gold plated to highest quality finish.

Your FINU piece is made to last.

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